/ May 26, 2013

Here at brewercarpet1oklahomacity.com, we provide information about the best carpetscarpet and rugs in your homes, hotels, office and other establishment. Our carpet comes from different manufacturers here and abroad. We give you high quality and elegant carpets in various designs and colors of your choice. We also have affordable butt good quality carpets for those out of the budget. You can have your orders here on our page and we will deliver it to you in time or you can go to our stores where you can actually feel and test its qualities. We also offer carpet cleaning and maintenance by sending our people to your house or on your establishment according to the set schedules. You can also contact us if you want a free measurement for your rooms and will bring you samples of our carpet suited for your taste. You can also call or email us to know more about our other homing products and other carpet accessories.

Carpet is an essential part of our house here in our country. It provides us great comfort from a cold floor and it offers a good cushion to our feet. A high quality carpet can stand for 10-20 years depending on the traffic in your place and the manner of your maintenance. It is wise to invest in a high quality carpet. A low quality carpet will also be enough for practical reasons. It can also last long, but you need to be a little bit careful since it will wear and tear easily.

Here are some information in this site which can help you buy the carpet you would like and how to take care of it.

When buying carpets, it is like buying a good car. You have to decide the color and its design of your carpet. The texture and the type of fibers you want. Where are you going to place it? So, determine whether you are going to put it: in your room, library, office or elsewhere in the house. You need to place a high density carpet in rooms with larger people and low density carpet in rooms with lesser people.

home carpetsHow do you find a high quality carpet? A high quality carpet has good density. The thickness and heaviness of your carpet will determine if it has good density. You can easily tell its density by bending the carpet backward. Once you see the backings quickly, then the fiber of that carpet is not dense. Another way to test its quality is the tuff twist in the fiber. The more compacted or tighter the tuff twist in the fiber is, the more durable it is.

The problem with carpet is its cleaning and maintenance, so you better have carpet accessories to make your works easier. Include these accessories as part of your investment to keep your carpet in good shape. You can vacuum clean your carpet regularly so as to avoid accumulation of dusts. Dusts attract insects and other germs and bacteria which can affect the health of your family. You can gently brush the dust of your carpet outside, turning it upside down. Lay it on the ground or grass for a few hours but keep it away from the sun. Prolong exposure to sunlight will cause the colors to fade. It is not advisable to wash your carpet with detergent or wash it in the washing machine. This will affect the carpet’s durability since most its fabrics are brittle. The colors may also be washed off with your detergents. It is also good to call for trained personnel from a cleaning service once in a while to keep your carpet clean and shiny. Cleaning service uses a hot-water extraction device leaving it dry and free from dirt and dust.

In case of spill, blot it immediately with a terry cloth to absorb the fluid. Do not rub it hard because it will cause the fabrics to fray and twist, which can create more damage to your carpet. If you have a handheld extractor device for your carpet, use it. Put a gentle soap inside the bottle and run it on the spot where the spill is. Rinse it with water and dry it using a hair blow dryer.


In planning to buy high quality carpets, do your homework first. Don’t rely too much on the advice of most salespersons, but ask also the opinion of others. It is also good to make comparison on each carpet cost, design, color, density, life span, maintenance and warranty offered to you buy the stores.  Remember that you have to spend a lot of money in buying a high quality carpet. If not suited on your budget, there are available carpets in the market with low cost but good quality.

Here in our website, we offer the best carpets that will live up to your expectations.

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