/ August 6, 2013

SportDog is considered one of the most renowned dog training equipment manufacturers. This company makes lots of equipment for training dogs except dog carpets.  SportDog SDF-100 is one of their dog fence products that receive lots of praises and positive reviews because of its functionality and special features. This is also the best ever range dog fence accessible in the market today, covering one hundred acres and is powerful. On the other hand, the collar of this dog fence is not rechargeable which is considered a drawback aside from being bulky. Check out amazon for the best dog fence systems and check out electric dog fence reviews here.

Box Contents


The SportDog SDF-100 is the bulkiest dog fencer’s equipment. So, you must not use this on your pet under 20 lbs. It comes with a bright orange collar made from plastic, best for visibility. However, it may be gaudy for some people’s tastes.  The collar of SportDog SDF-100 takes a usual 9V battery that is better as you don’t need to purchase a costly proprietary battery. On the other hand, it’s not as reliable as a rechargeable battery. Changing the battery is stress free and it is waterproof. It also comes with a wonderful set of seals in order to make this product really waterproof. The built in collar correction level is attached at the collar, so the dog owner can set various levels for every dog simply by unscrewing the cover and pressing the button.  It comes with 5 correction levels. The progressively 2 to 5 level keep improving in strength if the dog keeps in the correction section. The built in probes can be altered to long or standard size. We like the heavy duty dog fence wire from amazon for installing this particular dog fence wire. You can also find great heavier grade cheap wireless fence on ebay. Or check out flexpetz or dog fence for great reviews on various systems.

The reason why SportDog collar stands out from the rest is due to the fact that is built with durability. This could take beating and has an excellent waterproofing feature. One customer stated that he accidentally left the collar in the backyard and found it after many months and he was amazed because it works like a brand new model.

Control Box

The prominent feature of the SportDog is the control box that can work up to one hundred acres, about 10,000 feet of border wire. Therefore, if you want something superior than the twenty-five acres covered by the IUC-4100, then the SportDog collar specifically the SDF-100 is the best option. Control on the box is pretty standard.  Dog owners can be sure that they can use it with ease. Keep in mind that this product doesn’t have a battery backup. Like the dog collar, this unit is bulky and unattractive. On the other hand, no other product can beat this one when it comes to functionality.

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The best thing regarding the SportDog collar is the fact that it comes with an extensive 1,000 feet border wire, which is double as the normal collar system available. In general, if you are looking for a good, powerful and tough system, look no further as SportDog has all the features you are looking for. It is one of the best investments that you can make if you want to train your dog properly.

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