/ June 26, 2013

Gong shooting targets are the most effective way to increase your marksmanship, and perhaps they are also the most fun! The reason being, gong steel targets from ShootingTargets7 allow you to hear exactly when the round hits and in an almost stationary position, unlike other shooting targets.

Other targets used for shooting are not only silent: meaning the marksman is unaware of whether they have hit the target in the first place. The shooter has to travel back and forth, down the range to the actual sited target to see whether the target has been hit or not. This not only means the shooter cannot correct the angle of his shot, or, if it seems to be the problem: the sight of their gun.

target shooting

With perishable targets, the marksman then has to repair the holes made, so as not to count them next time they continue their rounds of shooting. This requires further material to be carried to the site of shooting, and steel rifle targets from a website which will never become unusable.

Unlike perishable targets, gong targets immediately allow you to know whether or not you have hit the target; they produce a loud noise letting you know that the shot fired was an accurate one. If the gong is hung up using chains from either side from across corners of a square metal frame (the type I would suggest), the gong can give the marksman immediate feedback by viewing the trajectory of the gong’s swing. Therefore knowing exactly whereabouts on the gong your bullet hit.

Steel gongs are made from 3/8” to 1/2” inch thick, the steel pistol targets gong is not going to need to have repairs made each time a shot is made, unlike the perishable targets discussed earlier. This allows the marksman to use his time on the range more efficiently, and subsequently this allows for more shots to be fired in the time spent out shooting. This, undoubtedly, will improve your marksmanship skills as you will spend more time shooting – and less time walking – automatically knowing exactly where your projectile is hitting. If you are gearing up to head out with your dog to hunt, you should take safety into consideration. There are other hunters out there who may not be knowledgeable about how to work around dogs.

Other targets include Seal Bouncing ar500 Targets, which are self healing and act similar to game which are hunted in the wild. The downfall of these target stands like the ones shown here are that they may bounce away from a particularly safe area to shoot, making fixed gong targets the perfect choice for any marksman hoping to improve their abilities without going out for long walks.

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